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We believe in technology and innovation the fast pace of technology growth, global connectivity. And increasing complicated tasks, is forcing us to realize that skills development is a doorway to understanding that the future of work and education requires us to maintain an exponential rate of innovation.

Psl’s innovation ideas and solutions are not Marely our philosophy, but also our everyday reality. We remain dedicated to leading the world into a more prosperous and progressive future: by enhancing the world to become more diverse, more tolerant, and more just.

1--Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial Solutions

The GIS team is specialized in spatial & operational analysis, performance indicators & dashboards, and data warehouses. information modelling through Geospatial Business Intelligence, and integration of Geo-information with decision - making processes in real time
2--Artificial Intelligent

Artificial Intelligent software development

The R&D team promotes a solution according to our clients' business needs through various AI technologies such as: Classifier Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Bayesian Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Natura Language Processing, Neural Networks and even statistical and analytics-based rules systems.
3-Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise Solutions has designed and implemented a cutting-edge new IT platform. Our team has built an enterprise platform that can be adapted to the needs of clients' operations, situational awareness or enterprise modelling, as well as simulation tools. We design our technology to be different and always consider the big picture.
4-Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Our highly qualified embedded solution engineers provide capabilities and features such as customized and standard software / hardware solutions. These include technologies such as: industrial controllers (PLC, PAC, RIO, SCADA...), data acquisition and monitoring systems, as well as motor driver controllers (VFDs, Steppers, servo, DC...), and vision- based systems.
5-ICT infrastructure services

ICT infrastructure services

Information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure management is the middle-man between service management and technology. It is the branch of ITIL that focuses on processes. The goal of ICT infrastructure management is to use proven and repeatable processes to provide a stable operating environment for everyone using technology.